Cannabis tincture and shelf life

Do Tinctures Have a Shelf Life?

The good news is, tincture shelf life is the longest shelf life of any cannabis product, especially when products are selected and stored with care.


What’s the Best Way to Store Weed?

Read on for more about how to properly store your cannabis to keep it in good condition.


How to Guard Against Consuming Moldy Cannabis

If you live in a state with a legal cannabis industry, the product testing that comes along with legalization has granted you higher standards of …


Easy Tips on How to Store Your Marijuana the Right Way

So, I’ve gone over the basics of selecting cannabis that’s safe and free of contaminants at your local dispensary. You should also know that the …


Federal Agency Seizes Thousands of Products from Cannabis Storage Company

Customs and Border Protection seized 1,000 pieces of merchandise from Boulder, Colorado based company Stashlogix on April 28th of this year. Stashlogix produces lockable bags …


I have allergies to molds and fungus. What form of cannabis is free of of mold and fungus?

Quality cannabis medications should be tested and labelled to be free of fungus/mold as well as heavy metals, etc. Technically, the laboratories test for specific …


Moldy Marijuana: It Can Hurt You

Is Your Marijuana Moldy? Mold and contaminants in marijuana are something that every consumer should be aware of. Many people do not know exactly what …


How to Store Marijuana without it Getting Dry

Storing your marijuana may not seem like rocket science, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. When cannabis is …

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