I have anxiety and migraines. What would be the best way to deal with this using medical marijuana?

"I get terrible migraines and tension headaches almost daily. I take prescription meds to try and get rid of them but am ready to try something else. I currently have cannabidiol 15:1. How much do you recommend taking for both headaches and/or anxiety (I suffer from both)."

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I’m not a doctor but I would love to hear what one of the HelloMD doctors have to say regarding your questions. I am answering this as my migraines are what led us to start HelloMD in the first place. I will start my answer by saying that everyone reacts differently to cannabis and what is a solution for one person is not necessarily the right solution for another. When trying new products go low and slow, meaning micro dose, which is often far less then the recommended amount!

In my experience, just taking a high CBD spray is not enough to knock out my migraines. It is great for reducing inflammation and as a daily regime, I do this as well. The solution that has worked best for me and has gotten me off pharmaceuticals 99% of the time is a varied approach using multiple products to attack a migraine as I feel it coming on. I do not experience daily migraines and I know precisely when during the month I am most apt to get them. The nature of my migraines may be different from yours.

CBD is an analgesic and an anti inflammatory but THC is also important for me for pain relieving qualities, although I must be careful in how I ingest it. It tends to make me anxious if i take too much, and that feels awful! If you suffer from anxiety THC may relieve your anxiety or it can make it worse, it is highly dependent on the person. For many, many people it absolutely helps soothe anxiety, but you just need to go low and slow with any products to test your own response.

My daily regime for migraines is to take Vitamin B and magnesium as studies show that daily intake reduces the frequency of migraines for people (it may take months to feel the effects). I also take an 8:1 ration of CBD sub lingual spray, which is non psychoactive at that ratio. I find I like this ratio the best. If I feel the onset of a migraine, I will start to take a low THC tincture called Anxiety Relief Tincture by Alta California Botanicals. This product is a very relaxing product. I will also use my ACDC vape pen which is high CBD. I usually will vape consistently throughout the day and again this is not psychoactive, but it seems to help ward off the heavy onset of a migraine. It definitely relaxes me and high CBD strains have a really positive effect for me.

If I feel it is really coming on and I know I am going to be home for the day I will vaporize Canna Tsu which is a high CBD strain with THC. Last but not least, as you have tension headaches, I might consider a topical around the temples, the neck and the shoulders. Xternal is a widely used and known product and I have heard good things from people regarding the use of this with migraines although I myself have not tried it. This is a non psychoactive product as well.

Some people find that edibles are the way to go, my suggestion is if you go this route, start with 2.5 mg and work your way up. It takes up to 1-2 hours to feel the effects. Lastly, a healthy diet, & regular exercise are both components in my migraine reduction as well.

I hope this helps! Best to you.


I agree with Pamela Hadfield’s answer but I have a bit of a different plan to deal with my anxiety and migraines. Daily I use a high CBD, low THC tincture, 28 : 1 and that has reduced about 90% of my migraines. I still get breakthrough migraines when I have ingested foods to which I react negatively. I did write an extensive answer regarding migraines on a previous patient’s request so you might look at that article under ‘ANSWERS’.
I use the high CBD topical salve on my neck at the first sign a migraine is beginning, I drink a large glass of water (in case it’s dehydration), a cup of black coffee and I take about one half scoop of
de-ribose and usually the migraine is gone. If I still notice the stuffiness in my head I will do more CBD drops under my tongue. I always reflect on the exposures I’ve had that lead to the migraine because I have found rarely does one exposure to one substance lead to a migraine. I have also become a fanatic about reading labels because MSG is hidden everywhere.
CBD works well for anxiety but if I have any breakthrough anxiety I will rely on an oral spray of passion flower in the liposome that crosses the blood brain barrier and is effective within 10 minutes and there is no high.
With cannabis we must find what works for us because there is no one type that works for everyone. With all the information we have on the website you should be able to successfully resolve your challenges.
Be certain you maintain your blood level of 25-OH D, vitamin D3 above 50 ng/ml for optimum resolution of your symptoms.


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