would they know i have medical card when crossing the border into Canada? I've read posts that they bring this up?

"A lot of people believe that its just a questioning tactic, they might just ask as if they know if they see your from CA or oregon etc….but they really dont have anything that states that you have a MMJ license. Do they have this info at border patrol/immigration or no?"

Well, that’s interesting! I have not heard of this before and the answer to this should be ‘NO’.

If you are in California, you are not required to register with the state. Assuming you are not registered with the state, which requires you to do on your own and pay an additional fee for, your recommendation is completely private as it is a medical consultation between your doctor and yourself. You are required to give your medical recommendation to dispensaries which then allows you to register you with them, but this would imply that somehow the government is monitoring every individual signing up with dispensaries or collectives and that somehow they have access to the dispensaries computer systems, which I highly doubt. I would doubt this because it would have to be at a federal level and not a state level and this would be an incredible effort and cost initiative to do so, then that info would need to be shared with our international counterparts! Highly improbable.

Every state differs with how you get your recommendation and some states require you register with the state, but the state considers that a legal action, not an illegal action. So my guess in even those states is they would not share that with another country. Why would they?

You are OK traveling to other countries such as Canada (where it is legal) and should feel fine about having an MMJ license. I would not however ever travel with actual product to another country, this is most likely their concern.

Hope this helps!


If you got your medical recommendation through HelloMD, and you never registered with the state of CA – then no. There is no way the border patrol (or anyone else) will know that you are a medical cannabis patient.

The information you provide is complete confidential as per HIPAA guidelines, and is not shared with any regulatory body or database.


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