I have arthritis pain in my hands which wakes me up at night. I heard that medical marijuana could help me.

You may want to try a Transdermal roll-on or lotion. A THC transdermal is good for local pain, and a CBD transdermal is good for inflammation. Combined, they work together synergistically. The roll-on I have seen success with is made by Prana.


Sweet releaf is a fantastic topical that will help with your arthritis. You apply it to your hands and the cream works right away to reduce your inflammation and pain. Find it here: https://getsweetreleaf.com/


I think these products mentioned by Ryan & Bart are fabulous! I have also heard that there is a company called ArniCann that has topicals that use cannabinoids infused w/ arnica gel, a topical analgesic that I have been recc’ing in my practice for years. Other patients of mine have also received relief from cann. infused epsom bath salts. I believe the website is MakingYouBetterBrands.com. As for all topicals, I recc that pt’s pre-treat the area with a little heat as this will vasodilate any blood vessels in the area and hopefully help w/ absorption. I hope these tips help!


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