What are the best methods of ingestion and combinations for insomnia?

"I started about a month ago with CBD for pain (working!) and THC at night for insomnia but not working. First used in form of tincture (no real effect…does it take time to build up?) then I tried a couple edibles (dizzy, nauseous, felt like chest compressing) and still needing to follow up with pharmaceuticals to sleep. Any suggestions? (Not a smoker, though) Would love to get off pharmaceuticals! "

Tinctures should work to help you get to sleep. It is possible you did not use enough, the tincture was too low a dose, or you used it improperly. Absolute Extracts makes a great indica tincture spray that you hold in your mouth for 1 minute to help you sleep. I have a friend who swears by it.


Try items like edibles with a slightly lower amount of THC and perhaps some CBN; these two cannabinoids working together have helped many pts sleep. Also, here’s a little trick that might also work for you tincture-wise; instead of just using it sublingually (under the tongue) try it in a nice soothing warm non-caffeinated tea like chamomile and put the tincture drops there and drink it slowly. I hope these help! Don’t forget to review general sleep hygiene/ prep tips for sleep at SleepAssociation.org & SleepFoundation.org, continue to exercise daily if possible.


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