I have bad migraines, will cannabis help?

My routine if I get a migraine, I drink a large glass of water, one cup of black coffee, apply a 1:1 cannabis salve to the back of my neck, reflect on where I have been and what I have eaten that may have precipitated the migraine because it is generally caused by foods or lack of vitamin D3 and if the migraine still has not resolved I will resort to vaporizing hi CBD low THC vape pen, like AC/DC with THCA but that’s very rare because I have eliminated the offending substances from my diet.


You should be able to obtain great pain relief with cannabis but with migraines, prevention is the key because none of us want the pain of a migraine. Typically migraines are past genetically on the X chromosome as a MAO-A snp, making the migraine sufferer very chemically sensitive so the key to prevention is to eliminate the offending substances, hydrate well, maintain a vitamin D3 blood level above 50 ng/ML and learn how to deal with stress as well as taking high CBD cannabis with low THC twice daily to stop inflammation and support a healthy immune system and the migraines will start to resolve after about three weeks. For immediate relief apply the topical cannabis salve to the neck and upper back to treat the muscle spasms and patients validated in the survey the 4:1 tincture of CBD:THC was the most effective for pain relief.
The following is an article I typically send to patients with migraines:
Migraines are vascular headaches that may give a visual disturbance (double vision, difficulty in focusing, temporary partial blindness, dazzling colored lights or spots) in one eye up to 24 hours prior, to warn you the migraine has started. Your warning sign may come as a different symptom so watch for your symptom by questioning what you were feeling before the headache began, were you nauseated, irritable, dizzy, tingling, more sensitive to noise or light, uncommon energy or exaggerated well-being, pain in neck or shoulders, unusually hungry, yawning, weak, swelling, increased urination, changes in speaking, depression or hallucinations. At this point you may want to apply high CBD salve to your neck to stop any muscle spasms & the headache may not materialize but you must address the inflammation that has also started in your head. Drink a large glass of water (it could make you vomit but usually that will relax the migraine) and if you do have caffeine you may want a cup of black coffee or tea. Consider taking a dose of CBD tincture as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the severity of the migraine. You must reflect, "What did I do to myself, what did I eat or drink?” The predisposition to migraine headaches is a genetic snp (single nucleotide polymorphism) MAO-A snp carried on the X chromosome making the person sensitive to certain foods, allergies and depression and irritable bowel spasms and if female you may have lots of trouble with estrogens other than human estrogens. Often migraines present after an injury to the spine or head but may appear in childhood without any traumas and the trauma is not likely to be responsible for the migraine since the predisposition is located on the X chromosome. Some headache triggering factors are stress, anxiety, worry, depression, alcohol, over-exertion, fatigue, bending down or straining, sleeping late, up too early, weather change, high winds, bright lights especially artificial lights, loud noise especially high pitch, some sleep aides, blood sugar fluctuations, high blood pressure, oral contraceptives and hormone changes like menopause or even menses, infection in head, even a bad tooth, intense odors, over-heating, prolonged exposure to intense eye focus on computer, TV or movie screen, and foods such as: Alcohol especially red wine and champagne (Histamine & Tyramine) Aged Cheeses especially cheddar, gorgonzola, Roquefort, Blue cheese and Parmesan (tyramine) Pickled herring, chicken livers, canned figs, pods of broad beans (tyramine) Chocolate, Fish, especially smoked fish, dairy products, eggs, wheat, nuts, tomatoes (trigger unknown) Cured meats, hot dogs, Bacon, ham and salami (sodium nitrite) Snack foods, Chinese food, barbecue flavoring, canned soup (glutamic acid, monosodium glutamate or MSG) MSG is hidden in many foods so you may want to do a search for the alias names for MSG or go to: www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources_printable.pdf Migraines are like stacking blocks, each block is one exposure to a food sensitivity or cigarette smoke or other trigger, one block is unlikely to topple over but by the time you have 4 blocks or 4 recent exposures to MSG or any combination of your migraine triggers and you have stacked the offending blocks too high precipitating a topple into a migraine. In addition you may be low in Vitamin D3.
So with the elimination of the offending substances and the use of cannabis you should be functional with few remaining breakthrough migraines.


Medical marijuana for migraines is a centuries-long recipe. Its potency earns it a respectable place among the world’s most prized resources, as its healing potential to replace painkillers. Here are few strains that can help-
Candyland, White Widow, sour diesel.


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