plantars fasciitis. enable me to get a reccomendation?

"foot, heel, leg, and lower back pain. already had the surgeries to almost no avail. have dealt with this problem for years now"

Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis and the other bone problems you’re describing may actually indicate that you may be rapidly aging. You must examine what you’re doing with your diet and exercise plan because it sounds like you were building up a lot of inflammatory cells and this is typically from eating too many Omega 6 and Omega 9 foods in your diet causing inflammation and that is why we typically give large doses of omega-3 is to counter the inflammation along with high CBD low/THC cannabis to stop inflammatory cells. Try alkalinizing your tissue by eating vegetables, fruit and legumes and for two weeks eliminate all prepared foods, white foods, dairy, meats, sugar and simple carbohydrates in order to adequately change the pH in your tissue reducing pain signals. Support your body with vitamin D3 and high CBD cannabis to improve your overall health. Do not take extra calcium unless you have been proven to be deficient because extra calcium calcify’s the blood vessels, heart valves and muscles, tissue you don’t want calcified because it leads to more medical complications. In order to put the dietary calcium obtain from greens and seaweed into the bones it is necessary to have a healthy vitamin D blood level above 50 ng/ML. You may want to look up the exercises for plantar fasciitis and apply topical cannabis salve to your low back and the bottom of your feet before you start the stretching exercises and remember isometric stretches work well to reduce your pain. If you are over 60 years old you may want to talk with me about how to support a failing hypothalamus/pituitary since plantar fasciitis is often the first sign of this aging process. Do try the things I have suggested and if you aren’t significantly improved within six weeks consider contacting me.


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