I have cluster migraines and just started using cbd/thc oil. Any suggestions for dosages, time of day, etc?

Hello there! Looking at the current literature for cluster HA treatment, I would say the tincture drops you are using can be used as soon as HA symptoms start. As for dosage, I go by the old adage "less is more."; try using tincture drops and adding them SL (sublingual–> under the tongue) or try adding them to non-caffeinated chamomile tea (it might taste better). Titrate until effect; that is slowly add more tincture drops until you have achieved a blood level where symptoms are managed but don’t go over this amount. This "titration point" will differ with every individual based on body weight , tolerance/ exposure to cannabinoids, and other factors. I would advise using cann every single day as tolerance/ risk of psych dependency &/or abuse can also happen. You might also want to talk to your MD about oxygen therapy for the home or trying a safe blood pressure medicine also used for cluster HA’s called verapamil for prophylaxis. I hope this helps!


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