I have had a chronic cough since childhood. Would using a Firefly vaporizer help eliminate the cough?

Wow- that is really impossible to say. Have you had your cough evaluated by a doctor? What is the reason for your chronic cough? A Firefly vaporizer, is not known as a device used to eliminate chronic cough, so I would have to say that this seems very unlikely.


The Firefly is not considered a device to help reverse symptoms of chronic cough. To alleviate the symptoms, please visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Preventing chronic cough from smoking can be as simple as just stopping smoking, staying hydrated, and sanitizing mouthpieces before and after use. If your chronic cough persists, I would vape at lower temperatures or completely refrain from using any forms of smoking, including concentrates or vaping. Hope this helps, cheers!


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