I have severe arthritis in my shoulder. What products would you suggest to relieve this pain?

"What doses would be most beneficial. I have tried Terra bites,Sensi chews, and Tetrahydrocannibinol with limited results. Maybe I’m not taking enough, not sure how much to take. Since taking marijuana I have trouble sleeping."

With severe arthritis in your shoulder, I can only assume you have had an injury but was the injury to your shoulder or your neck?
You don’t mention how old you are and that may have an effect on how quickly you get well.
Since most people are deficient in vitamin D and that is the essential for healing your body, please be certain you’re taking adequate vitamin D3 to bump your blood level of 25-OHD above 50 ng/ml for optimal results.
Consider adding super high CBD, low THC to your schedule twice daily, like morning and night the be sure and spread your dose out for a couple of days so your body doesn’t get dizzy from adding CBD. You may not feel the full effect of CBD for up to three weeks but it is working to stop the inflammatory disease and you should get some pain relief right away. Many people are taking too much THC in the evening and have trouble sleeping because it over stimulates the brain but the trick is to add enough CBD cannabis tincture under the tongue to bring your THC: CBD ratio to 1:1 or 1:2, to go to sleep. I think it’s also greatly beneficial to rub your neck and shoulder area with CBD/THC salve or balm twice daily to stop the pain because it will block the signals from going to the brain for 4-6 hours, so you should sleep well.
For most patients high CBD/ low THC is more economically administered by using tincture since you pay by the dose, or by the drop for CBD, so you want to use the most effective concentration and the lease number of drops to get the job done. Unfortunately if you do not keep your shoulder mobile it can freeze so hopefully you have taken some physical therapy classes in how to mobilize your shoulder.
Using the cannabis should help you get well but again, CBD is the medicine and THC is a little more the party drug.


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