I have acute flare up of a chronic jaw bone infection. Is high CBD/low THC best for pain?

" Does marijuana work as antibiotic? "

With a jaw bone infection sublingual tincture would provide good relief. Each patient responds differently to cannabis. Strains and formulations are quite variable and my suggestion is to try a few different strains and methods of ingestion. Many compounds in cannabis have shown anti-biotic properties.


I agree with Dr Vanderveer, CBD is great for pain but you may want to be certain you have enough Vitamin D3 to help your immune system to function properly and you may want to consult with your budtender/cannabis consultant on CBGA or CBC & CBG since these fractions of cannabis, especially taken raw have antibiotic effect on the body and CBG protects the bone as well as CBC. I always encourage my patents to put heat on the are because localized heat will alert your immune system to, "come here, and clean up this infection" and that is why the body will have heat around an infection, it is an internal communication. The body is a fine tuned machine and it must have the nutrients to support doing the right think to get healthy. If you are over 60 years old, your immune system could be low from low pituitary output but you may do interval training to pick up your IGF-1 to support your pituitary to overcome the infection and protect the bone also. Good luck, you can do this!


While I do agree with Dr. Olson and Vanderveer’s responses, I would also suggest that if you been followed by a physician or dentist who diagnosed your "chronic jaw bone infection", that if you have a flare up, it could be caused by lingering bacteria in the bone itself. Sometimes this type of lingering bacteria can cause osteomyelitis in the bone which requires antibiotics, sometimes for several weeks. I would suggest notifying whoever it is that has been following your condition.

Perry Solomon, MD

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