I have significant lumbar pain that radiates down both legs front & back, is there a strain of med marijuana that will give me relief?

As you think about which strain, you should first consider your tolerance / propensity for psychoactivity. Both THC, and CBD can be helpful for pain, and you can experiment with different combinations to find the best effect for your purpose.

If you have never used cannabis before, I would suggest that you start with a high CBD strain, or a tincture formulated for high CBD (which is generally non-psychoactive) and increase with moderate amounts of THC compounds gradually. You may find that the CBD heavy formulations remove your pain without the need for THC, or you may find that adding THC adds to the effect. However this will also affect your ability to work, or drive for example, so its also depends on what else is going on in your life at that moment.

There are a lot of options, and each person often reacts slightly differently.

Here are some choices for CBD products you might want to investigate:


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