I suffer with PTSD insomnia, anxiety, and chronic neck and back pain.

"I have been taking Klonopin for the PTSD, insomnia and anxiety which has been working very well for the last 20 years at .5mg at night. For pain I have been taking vicoden am up to taking three 7.5 vicoprofin and a 10 mg vicoden these are spread over an entire 24 hrs as my neck back and hips hurt so bad I cant stay asleep because of pain. I used to smoke pot which is legal in oregon and when I did I was taking on average 3 5mg vicoin a day and sometimes less. But since I moved the clinic I go to has a no pot policy… So they upped my pain meds..My regular Dr. left and now the new one is saying I basically don’t need my clonopin which saved my life as I got to the point my panic and aniexty stopped me from living life at all. She is also threatening to take my pain meds away. I am livid honestly without them I couldn’t walk 5 miles a day and do the simple things that consist of living. Can I stop the pain meds and smoke pot without the withdrawl I read about stopping the vicoden? help

I’m terribly sorry for your current situation. Using med cann to help pt’s wean off opiates &/or benzodiazepines has been done by myself and the other HelloMD MD’s. Usually a slow, gradual course is done. For example, if you are using opiates on schedule tid/ thrice daily, then try exchanging one of the doses with only-cannabis products (with opiates on hand for "breakthrough" pain just in case). Once you find the proper mg cannabis dosage, one can slowly move towards "cannabis only" days for analgesia &/or for anxiety/ PTSD mgmt, thereby freeing you from the potential psych dependency/ abuse risk seen with both opiates and benzodiazepines when both of these classes of meds are used day-in/ day-out. To increase the likelihood of success, it is also imperative that you are performing CBT talk therapy or something related, mindfulness/ meditation work daily, daily mild exercise, and also PT for a truly holistic multi-modal treatment program for your anxiety/ PTSD/cervicalgia/ lumbago. Good Luck!


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