"Is 20:1 tincture best for migraines? I have been taking opioids for many years & am trying to wean off. Is a tincture the quickest way to get relief from a migraine?"

@Perry Solomon, MD


Vaping or smoking is the quickest way to deliver cannabis into your system. A tincture can take up to 30 minutes to take effect where as vaping/smoking will take minutes. One of our HelloMD doctors, Dr. Sharon Olson, suffers from migraines and recommends a topical cannabis salve for the neck and upper back as well as a 4:1 tincture of CBD:THC based on a study that found these to be effective in pain relief (see below). That said, our co-founder Pamela Hadfield finds a different medley of high CBD products have helped her wean herself off opioids to be migraine-free. You can read her story and advice here: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/5833c3741acf3d000ce08758/how-to-stop-migraines. Just be aware that everyone’s biochemistry is unique, so you may need to experiment to find the right line-up of cannabis products to help you. I also suffer from migraines and have just started taking a 20:1 tincture daily as a preventative and am using a 1:1 tincture plus 3:1 vape pen for attacks. Hope this helps!


Cannabis, in the right combinations, will manage migraine pain but if you want to treat the root cause I recommend Healing Yoga. A series of 10 or less of the right poses (done regularly) will prevent hormonal migraines. And one puff off an Arouse vape pen before practice helps you perfect those poses!

Julie B., L.Ac

I have suffered from migraines since I was about 5 years old so I was extremely excited to try cannabis migraine relief. Unfortunately my experience was terrible because I was ill informed as to the type and dosage.
First of all, I used an edible so the effects lasted a good 7 hours. Second, the strain I used made me very dizzy adding to the nausea that comes with my migraines.

I still haven’t found the courage to try cannabis for migraines again, but when I do, I plan to only vape, no edibles until I ‘m very familiar with the strain and the dosage. Then I will only use a CBD heavy strain to try.

Still, my go to cure has been Maxalt and 4 Advil. This has worked quite well for me…




Don’t know much about tinctures but vaping for 10 minutes will remove all possibility of the coming migrain. Better than anything I’ve ever done.No more dark rooms and pain meds for the ENTIRE day!


The best solution I’ve found for Migraines is combining whole plant, non-psychoactive cannabis, bacopa, and matcha green tea. They are all brain-based herbs to relieve inflammation and clear pathways in the brain. You can find them all online, and it is much more affordable and bioavailable than a CBD tincture.




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