If a unit is unusable, can it be returned?

"My Ff2 worked great for about a week but then it stopped. I sent in for repair and they said that there’s nothing wrong with the unit after testing. Now, it’s due back today but I’m afraid it won’t work again and then what recourse will I have?"

The manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty for the FireFly2.

They state that upon receiving a warranty claim, it is up to THEIR DISCRETION to replace a part, repair the vaporizer, replace the vaporizer, or offer the customer a refund. Based on the experience you described, it is unlikely that they will exchange it; I would suggest you contact them directly, if necessary.

Many users of the device have described some technique and a learning curve with the device; you may want to review some suggestions and tips for improving the functionality.


All defective units are covered under warranty. I am pretty confident that our team sent you a unit that works perfectly. We are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to your feedback.


Just a note from my experience that may help others. Mine stopped working after a month or so even though it showed a full charge while on the charger, but when I removed it from the charger to use the unit it would not heat up. I switched to the 2nd battery and for a while all was well, then I had the same thing happen again with the 2nd battery.

I removed the 2nd battery and then put it back in and it then worked normally. Curious, I tried out the first battery and it was working normally again.

It looks like there is an issue with how the battery is seated at times. Just removing it and putting it back in fixed the issue for me.


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