If someone is looking to enhance their sports performance with cannabis, what should they do?

I always like to use words that rhyme, so it’s easy for people to remember. So I say, start slow and low. So slow and low is utilizing low dosages and having longer periods of time in between doses.
So one great way to start off is with a low dosage at nighttime. If your body agrees with it, and you like the way you feel with that dosage, then you should try it during the daytime with the sport of choice that you’re trying to enhance your performance in. And by utilizing a methodology like that, you could slowly up the amount of THC and cannabinoids that you’re ingesting until you are at that perfect level where you think that you will be present and in the zone.


For someone looking to improve their sports performance with cannabis, they should eat it. You can use cannabis by ingesting it in whole-plant, green form. Cannabis juice or hemp juice mixed with some beet root will enhance your speed and muscle’s ability to use nitric oxide for immediate energy. Whole plant hemp flowers provide an array of bioavailable phytocannabinoids.


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