Is it appropriate to introduce cannabis into a workout regime such as yoga?

That’s a really great question. And if we go back to cannabis helping athletes improve their focus, I know that for, let’s just say myself. When I first started doing yoga—I’m a highly competitive person, I would look at everybody else and go, “Oh, she’s lower than me or she’s doing this stretch better than me,” and I would often find myself comparing myself to other students or just thinking about all the other tasks that I have to do after the yoga class.
So, for someone like yourself, by consuming cannabis before going to yoga, it could help you improve your focus, really have that stronger mind-body connection so that you could really feel the stretch. And I also found that because breathing is such a big part of yoga, I am very conscious and aware of my breath when I’m breathing too quickly or too slowly, and by being conscious of my breath I am able to utilize that to further relax myself. And that’s how I think you could really incorporate cannabis into your yoga routine.


There are quite a few different styles of yoga, and many kinds of cannabis. The two have gone together for many years. I would suggest micro-dosing during solo practice or with friends who are also practicing under the effects of ganja. I regularly practice vinyasa flow in temperatures at 90+, and I also have my own personal practice that is slower and I hold postures for longer. Certain types of Cannabis can lower blood pressure and this can become an issue if you are sweating and bending over and standing up rapidly. "Orthostatic hypo-tension" Be careful with edibles and other ingestion methods that have a delayed onset, as an over-medicated yoga class might not be fun. Cannabis can really help bring us into the present moment and I have had some of my best work-outs while utilizing a bit of gods green herb.


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