I'm a medical patient that dabs with wax. It controls my chronic pain, is it bad for me?

"I read a recent article in the NYT that claimed dabbing is horrible for people. I have used marijuana for years to control my pain and dabbing is by far the most effective. Is there a reason I should be concerned about my health? I do not hallucinate or have psychosis but find it takes away pain immediately."

It should not be bad for you. It is the extract of the plant, you are basically only consuming thc with no other chemicals. It also depends on the source of the extract. Most of the extracts go through extensive testing to provide patients with the most healthy and effective medicines


The article you read, did it mention that ‘smoking’ dabs using a combustion method were more harmful than ‘smoking’ flower/dry herbs using a combustion method. This has some studies that back it up, but it also depends on how much you are consuming. Dabs are much higher in THC levels so you do not need to have as many hits. If you are not already you should be using a vaporizer for dabs instead of a lighter/flame. Here is a portable dabbing vaporizer that many people enjoy using that can be used as an oven packing vaporizer and as a tip heating dab pen – https://vaporsmooth.com/dipper-vape-pen-dip-stick-best-dab-pen/


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