Is cannabis helpful for autoimmune diseases?

I am not a doctor, but I have spoken to people in the industry who have successfully used cannabis in battling auto immune issues. The most prominent person in California who speaks regularly on this topic is Constance Finley who started her own collective and whole plant oils company called Constance Therapeutics. In her ‘About’ story on her website, it states:

"After nearly dying from the pharmaceuticals prescribed to help alleviate pain and inflammation caused by a rare autoimmune disease, Constance Finley turned to medical cannabis for relief.
She quickly became fascinated with the science behind the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Studies have found that cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, are more effective when working in tandem with the entire phytochemical profile of the female cannabis flower versus working in isolation – what is known as “The Entourage Effect.” Based on her research, Finley became determined to make standardized, whole plant cannabis extracts that incorporate all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in cannabis, and are safe for those with compromised immune systems."

Her company creates CBD/THC oils for people with auto immune issues and they also often treat cancer patients. A recent Q and A article I did with Constance can be found here: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/57169cf805483f000c00008b/constance-finleys-story-treating-my-autoimmune-disease-with-cannabis-oil

Hope this helps!


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