What products do I take if I want pain relief and help sleeping? Not interested in getting high.

We suggest our BALANCE (hemp CBD) and BALANCE+ (whole plant CBD) vaporizers which patients have reported using for everything from rheumatoid arthritis, to cramps associated with Type 2 diabetes, to athletic injuries, as well as for sleep and stress aids. All of our products retail for between 40 and 60 throughout California and our BALANCE pen is available nationwide through our website at EvoxeLabs.com/Balance.


Cannabis is a very diverse plant with numerous uses. Each strain possesses unique properties depending on the genetics of the plant (indica, sativa, hybrid, ruderalis), the way the plant is cultivated (indoor, outdoor, organic, hydro, flowering period) and how it is processed and utilized (dried naturally, hashish, edibles, tincture, decarboxylated or not).
The individual who is using the cannabis is also of importance.
For the most part, the "high" of cannabis is mostly derived from THC, and is modulted by the cannabinoids, terpinoids and other compounds. If you want to avoid psychoactivity then avoid THC. However, many individuals use indica (which has THC) and report that it does not make them feel "high", but instead gives relief from pain, anxiety, insomia, muscle spasm and other symptoms.
It really all depends on what you mean when you say "high", that term is different for everyone, and it is best to experiment with many types of cannabis and methods of ingestion.
You may also focus on CBD rich strains that have very low levels of THC.


Usually, the inability to sleep is due to stress and anxiety throughout the day the keeps the mind over active when you try to go to sleep so for optimum results, stress and anxiety must be addressed. I recommend high CBD/ low THC to be administered twice today for focus and clarity during the day but with anxiety and stress relief helping the brain relax at night. If a sativa is used (you are high with a Sativa) in the afternoon consider using high CBD cannabis night because a high CBD combined with the high THC of a sativa will act like an Indica for a better night sleep but if you’re using an Indica right after a sativa, you are stimulating your brain yet your body is tired and you will not sleep well. If your back is hurting or any other muscles or joints, consider applying a high CBD topical balm to resolve the pain so you’re able to sleep deeply. Keep in mind everyone has their own unique response to the medication so it’s best to know how your body responds to THC as well as to CBD’s.


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