Is marijuana good for tension headaches?

"What type of marijuana product should I use and how often?"

Yes, cannabis can be an excellent medication for tension headaches but if you do not deal with the origin of the tension, your symptoms could manifest as a bigger medical problem later.
Consider using the topical CBD dominant salve on your neck or anywhere you feel the muscles are tense and you can reapply the salve every 10 minutes until the pain resolves.
There is a CBD dominant 4: 1, spray in the mouth tincture, that should help with a headache or you may want to vaporize a CBD dominant vape pen, such is AC/DC, since it will be in your bloodstream in 1 to 2 minutes giving you relief in approximately 10 minutes.
I think tension headaches respond well to a daily use of CBD’s because you learn to deal with stress much better using CBD Cannabis. At first you must dose CBD’s frequently to get rid of the symptoms and then you can start spacing out the frequency of dosing your CBD’s, because if you only take one dose of CBDs per 24 hours, you may be imprinting your nerves that you want the pain to return, so please, treat your symptoms frequently to get the pain under control before you start to space out your CBD dose. Too much THC may increase pain especially if due to tension.
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