Is the dosing for Marinol the same as it is for edibles?

Hello, and thank you for the great question. First and foremost, I see absolutely no reason to use marinol – when natural cannabis is available and has also been shown as more effective than marinol in every study done comparing the two.

Marinol is a synthetic form of THC; Marinol contains none of the over 400 other compounds, including more than 60 cannabinoids found in cannabis. For this reason, Marinol is completely inferior to cannabis and the countless cannabis derivations available today.

I can see no reason to use marinol. I am not apologetic when I state that big pharma will do anything to turn a profit. Marinol holds no benefit for anybody, other than big pharma and their stock holders.

But to answer your question, 1mg of THC from cannabis = 1mg of THC (synthetic) from Marinol. But as stated above, Marinol contains none of the other 400 compounds found in cannabis.

Richard Kim MD


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