Is there any information about using CBD for NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache)?

"NDPH is a severe chronic (daily) headache condition that has shown to be very intractable to treatments. Its properties are distinctly different than migraine headaches. "

Actually, I love the way Western medicine will make up a new diagnosis for an old problem. Any timeI’m having a headache every day I have to question how long my poisoning myself. Most people don’t realize that additives have been added to our foods and can trigger daily headaches, anxiety and go on to other brain diseases later in life if the trigger is not found and eliminated.
Consider eliminating all free glutamate’s from your diet since they are neurologically toxic especially to people who have migraines or anxiety issues.
Consider visiting www.truthinlabeling.org for more information.
It is wise to protect your brain and neurological function with CBD while you are searching for the headache trigger. Maybe you are not drinking enough water and inadequate hydration is responsible for many headaches.
People try eating Gluten-free and then get some relief but please look at the following video:
Since I do get headaches frequently I have come to realize I am very chemically sensitive so I do take a high dose of CBDTo protect my brain in her logical function and it has greatly helped to reduce my headaches as well as other health benefits but the real benefit has been eliminating free glutamate from my diet. Glutamate is an amino acidBut it’s when we have too many free glutamate’s, it is neurologically toxic to the brain and precipitates headaches as well as a slow deterioration of the brain so I think it’s wise for everyone to eliminate MSG and free glutamate from their diet and take CBD to protect the brain.


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