Is there CBD spray that I can use for Migraines when they start?

"I have taken Imitrex for my migraines for years and now having adverse side affects that is affecting my work. What can I use in the CBD to help?"

I am not a doctor but we did start HelloMD due to the success I had treating my migraines with cannabis. So I will give you my insights and advice, but please know that cannabis works differently for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all.

Imitrex is a drug that really was my last resort and had stopped working, for many different reasons. Due to that I began using vicodin to deal with the pain. Cannabis has essentially stopped my migraines.

My regime consists of 2-3x a day daily dosing of CBD. I love Moxie Meds 4:1 tincture and at a half a dropper it is never psychoactive. I also take a 20:1 CBD tincture one time a day in the morning, a full dropper. I had migraines for 25 years and after 6 months of this I rarely experience one.

When I do, I use a high CBD vape oil cartridge called Electra-Tsu by Bloom Farms. This takes the edge off, I do not feel totally altered due to the high CBD but I feel, kind of like I had a glass of wine. Very mild cerebral altercation for me!

CBD sprays, in my experience, will not do much to stop a migraine after they start. They definitely have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties, but I have found only an edible or a vape pen for me can take the pain away. I have found however, that the daily dosing is the only thing in my experience that has stopped them from starting!

You can read these articles I have written about how I have dealt with chronic pain. I hope this helps!

Migraines: How I Got off Pain Meds & Found Relief With Cannabis



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