My diagnosis is "mild" cerebral palsy

"My diagnosis is "mild" cerebral palsy; some symptoms are like fibromyalgia. In addition: muscle spasms, chronic pain, leg weakness, difficulty sleeping. In my four years on medical marijuana, the blessed herb has “quelled” my pain enough to get some sleep, but not deep enough sleep to ever feel rested. My question for you is: What do you believe to be the best ratio of THC to CBD for muscle spasms and resulting pain. I wrote THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA HANDBOOK: A PATIENT’S GUIDE TO HOLISTIC HEALING WITH CANNABIS, so I know a bit on the topic — but it’s not easy finding specific ratios for specific issues. And, as I’m sure you know, other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBC are also noted to help with pain and spasms, but almost never listed in a chemical analysis available to patients. A very well respected M.D. who has written books on cannabis told me to use a ratio of 3:1 CBD:THC. So I’m doing my own trial on that right now, using two separate products to get that ratio – or close to it, anyway. But I’d love to know your opinion. Thanks for being there and for your help! Norma"

I certainly don’t have the kind of problems that you’ve had to deal with since birth but your question has significant complexity. I actually would like to know what you’re doing the rest of the day. Are you taking CBD during the day? Do you have a good sleep hygiene, like wearing sunglasses about an hour before bedtime? Do you have a stressful job? Do you notice your mind won’t shut up? Do you maintain a healthy blood level of vitamin D3? Are you doing Sativa and then following it with Indica? Have you tried a large doses of CBD or concentrated CBD? Are you rubbing your body down with 1:1 CBD: THC Salve before bedtime? Are you taking concentrated calcium (increases muscle spasms) or do you take magnesium? Have you had your genetic chart done with a methylation analysis? If you have your methylation analysis it may reveals at you need specific nutrients, or if you have COMT snps (Single nucleotide polymorphisms) in your chart, it indicates that you are very sensitive to neurotransmitter imbalances and you may benefit from stabilizing the neurotransmitters with other supplements.
I would love to continue this dialogue but I can only answer one time and then you must come back in with a new entry in order for me to answer you again.


Hello there! To start off, I want to say kudos for taking the challenges of even "mild" CP and going on to overcome said challenges and even write a book on med. cann that has helped others! Besides the excellent advice from Dr. Olsen, I might add that you might want to look into two sets of med cann products. One set, for daytime, might have more CBD & THC and the other set of med cann products with more THC & CBN. The reason that I don’t set a specific ratio of cannabinoids is that every person is different in their response! At least for me, one of the beauties of cann. medicine is that dosage is placed in the control of the patient. So I say go ahead and experiment; for example the 3:1 ratio of CBD:THC is probably not supported by any literature but by a pooled analysis of the pts seen by this physician. However, why not experiment (carefully) w/ 2:1 ratio? or 10:1? Don’t forget, method of cann. intake will also effect the pharmacodynamics/ pharmacokinetics (what the drug does to the body and vice versa). That is, using a vape-pen will be a completely different experience from trying tincture drops in tea or even micro-dosing edibles. I hope that this helps; feel free to joing any of our qualified MD’s for a tele-chat session!


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