Pain in feet and insomnia, low tolerance

"Hello! I have 5 fused vertebra, and I just found out hte "pain" in my feet is likely nerve pain from the spinal fluid pushing against it. With that said, the days are ok, as long as I am on my feet. Nights are hell, with stabbing pain in my feet that keeps me up all night. Was taking lost of Norco & Ibuprofen, have weaned myself from Norco. I am new to CBD, and now taking 1/8 CBD 3x day, 1/4 CBD (one spray) and 5g THC cookie at night. I have a very low tolerance, and THC causes me to get anxiety attacks (this is why it took me so long to find my way to Cannabis!). I wake a few hours later with pain, and am afraid to redose since I have to get up and drive. Plus, this combo is getting too expensive for me to maintain. Any suggestions? Thank you!"

The tincture and edible you’re using are great for your issues, hopefully they’ve been providing some relief. I have two additional suggestions – topical and either vaping or smoking.

Cannabis topicals provide tremendous relief. Ideally, I’d suggest a pre-bedtime bath with cannabis Epsom salts followed by self massage with a topical oil and some very light stretching. That will really relax your body before bed. If you don’t have time for a bath, applying the oil will also help a lot.

For the time midway through the night when you wake, smoking or vaping will provide fast relief and will wear off in less time than taking more of your edible. It may take some experimenting to find the right strain for you that doesn’t produce any anxiety – look for a vape blend specifically formulated to promote calm.


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