Pain Mgmt – Weeds, Oil and THC with no response/reaction

"I am still in pursuit of finding relief for my severe (hydrocodone doesn’t kill the pain) neck pain. For some reason I am not responding to anything I have smoke with a ceramic vaporizer or with any of the vape pens from W vapes, Bhang and Jetty. And yes I have tried the top strains for pain mgmt and have not gotten any relief. I even tried Girl Scouts and some other various strains with various THC strengths and I don’t respond not even with a slight buzz. My friends think it’s from being on such strong Rx’s for so long. It has been recommended I try oil. There seems to be lots of different schools of thought on it. Especially the RSO since it’s hemp vs cannabis and the different cannabinoids. After having spent so much money on trying so many different strains I can’t afford to play the guessing game with the oils especially after trying various weed strains and getting no relief or even a buzz from those with THC in them. I have researched oils and even looked at menus in an effort to learn more but it seems focused on making your own oil than what oils are out there and what the options are and results. Even with the RSO all about making your own and then you have the hemp vs cannabinoid issue of effectiveness. I’ve gotten very frustrated and spent close to $500 in all these various experiments so I am seeking guidance/advice. "

Thc is absorbed through the body so much differently than prescription medication that I don’t think that’s going to be your problem. My aunt who has been on everything from morphine to Oxy for her health issues reacted veryyy well with a relatively low dose of an edible. Your issue is most likely dosing. I take cannabis to manage pain from a bulging disc in my neck that’s running a nerve and it does so well for nerve pain, but you have to make sure to take enough. I find smoking the easiest way to dose… because if you aren’t getting your relief quickly, you can always go back outside and smoke a few more drags and see how you feel then. If You smoke enough of a solid thc rich strain, you will literally be in deep sleep within half an hour! Unless for whatever reason your body doesn’t metabolize thc.. and that’s rare. That being said, make sure you’re using good meds, take your time in finding your dose, and keep trying until you do so!


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