Recommendations for Insomnia & Back Pain

"I’m very new to this and the options are overwhelming. I simply want one edible candy for insomnia and another for back pain. I’m not interested in getting high. Thank you."

Hey there, I find the Kiva petra mints (which are only 2.5 mg per mint) work well in terms of helping me sleep through the night. I will increase my dose at bedtime to 2 mints (or 5 mg) during stressful times. I’ve also found success using the Kiva chocolate-covered blueberries (which are ~5 mg each), though I switched to the petra mints as I typically only need 2.5 mg to have a good night’s sleep. As well, I’ve tried Kikokko’s Tranquili-tea which contains 5 mg CBN and 3 mg THC–CBN is what makes you sleepy, and I found that I had a good night’s sleep with it. As for back pain, here’s an article you may want to read. The last of the strains in the list is ACDC, which is higher in CBD and lower in THC. I use it in vape form for my chronic migraine pain, and find it to be helpful (along with a 1:1 tincture).


To completely avoid any feelings of being ‘high’, you can also consider cannabis-infused topicals for back pain. Here is a helpful link:


This may sound strange, but cannabis suppositories seem to help me with lower back pain as well as menstrual issues. I have used Foria Relief many times and have found the pain relief to be fairly immediate and the overall sensation relaxing. Although they are high in THC, and I am VERY sensitive to THC, they are not psychoactive. For many, the idea of a suppository may be off putting, but I think this is one of the best methods of consumtpion when you don’t want to get high and want pain relief. As I am very senstivie to THC, this has been a great way for me to take cannabis and not experience any negative side effects. Hope this helps!


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