Stage 4 prostrate cancer survivor

"As a cancer survivor, I would like to know the dose and frequency of THC for a maintenance program. As a foot note I was taking 1/2 gram twice daily for sixty days, after thirty three days had a PSA drop from 96 to 2.9 after the sixty days had clear PET scan."

Keep in mind cancer is a sneaky disease and I think you want to stay on treatment, as long as you’re not having negative side effects, for at least six months before you consider reducing your dose. Cancer can mutate and adapt for its own survival and you would not want to lower your dose and allow any cancer cells to adapt to the presence of the THC because then the THC could become ineffective should you need to use it again in the future. The cancer may have been driven into remission within 60 days but that does not necessarily mean you have been cured so I would advise you to stay vigilant. The PET scan is only a scan of the cancer activity in the area being scanned. My suggestion of 6 months for your cannabis use is just a suggestion and you should do what feels right for you since there are no human clinical trials to investigate this issue with cancer treatment using cannabis.


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