Stage IV rectal cancer needs what strain to help immune system fight fatigue and Herpes 2 oral symptoms?

Have you had chemotherapy? Chemotherapy kills cancer cells as well as damaging healthy cells and may account for your fatigue and if so I would encourage a cellular detoxification that also supports your liver and you likely need supportive nutrients to help your normal cells recover. One of the potentially beneficial supportive nutrients might be d-ribose.
A topical application of THC tends to discourage herpes and regular use should reduce the breakout frequency.
So I would likely put you on high CBD tincture for bedtime and a high THC topical salve for your lips.
For pain during the day you may want anywhere from 4:1, CBD: THC vape oil to 2:1 for relief of symptoms without excessive fatigue but keep in mind everyone is a bit individual.
Please be aware that Sativa does have the potential to increase your pain and anxiety.


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