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"I have a firefly2 and frankly, its awesome. however, sometimes, when starting my firefly2 from cold the green light doesn’t blink-sometime times it heats and sometimes it doesn’t. if i release and re-touch the touch sensors a couple times the blinking begins with operation as normal. whats up? thanks, lennomann"

@lennomann I think that is a bug that should be corrected in the new update we will be getting very soon. For now, just touch the buttons like you have to "wake up" the FF2. Sometimes they won’t blink at all if your unit is already warm from use, or even if your ambient temperature is warm enough. The FF2 is awesome, and the taste can’t be beat!


Having the same issue! It does seem to be a bug…but releasing and touching the sensors again activates the "warm up" phase for me.


Remember, these are not buttons you press they are activated by "touch" only. I would suggest programming the sensors to be touched by either side only. You can do this through your app!! Instead of having to touch both sides at once you only have to touch one side…either side!! All fixed!


We will change this behavior with the next app update so that you won’t have to "wake up" the Firefly by quickly touching and releasing the sensors after your Firefly has been inactive for a period. Your app will prompt you to accept an update when the changes are available in the next three-four weeks. Once you connect your app to your Firefly, your unit will be will be updated with the latest firmware through the bluetooth connection.


The firefly goes into a sleep mode which happens when you put it down for a few minutes. Touching and releasing helps wake up the fly. Even if not blink in the fly will still work perfectly as long as green light works.


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