Using cannabis tincture for ADHD focus and tolerance…

"My son has ADHD/sleeping problems and we have tried normal drugs in both the stimulant and depressive category with no positive results. We are now trying and cannabis tincture (THC 114.53 mg, CBD 534.19,THC-A0, CBD-A 84.23). He does notice a difference in school being able to focus better, turn in assignments, etc… it seems to wear off after lunch. After a couple weeks now, he seems to think that it may not be working as well. Wondering if he is becoming tolerant already and what could be done if this happens. We are looking for a way to help him through school and job. "

How old is your son?Is he taking the tincture before or after eating a meal? He could have some tolerance. You can try taking 2 to 7 days off any tincture, then re-start, and make a plan to take either on a "full" or "empty" stomach. and moniter symptom relief. If he needs more relief after lunch, he could try either: CBD only spray under the tongue/buccally; or try vaping CBD only (or CBD dominant) strain.
Let us know how this all helps


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