What can a female use to improve her desire for sex?

First you have to have the right partner! Sometimes, you might not know that the partner is the wrong partner but your body will typically tell you.
Provided you do have the right partner, first you have to love yourself then we can teach another person how to love us. If you don’t like your body, change it and if you can’t change it, accept it because the first damper on sexual desire in women is usually her own negative attitude about her body even when her partner is happy and never complains.
Birth control is a reality that must be attended to properly but many birth control pills completely stop all sex desire so do a reality check on this issue.
You must also be certain you’re well rested, so use your cannabis to sleep deeply what don’t use so much cannabis your couch locked and you’ve completely lost motivation to even have sex, that might be a clue you had a little too much Cannabis.
Sex usually begins in the mind so you want to be relaxed, not stressed but energetic and uplifted or playful (seek out the right strain of cannabis) and a Cannabis sex oil stimulant maybe a nice mood enhancer. Most of all, have fun and that means be relaxed and let sex evolve or flow naturally for both of you.


My wife and i have found candy land which is a sativa to help set the mood…….on top of enhancing our sexual experience we have found it doesnt give you the munchies


Hi there,

Hmbldt just released two new vaporizers: Arousal & Passion. I would check in with the dispensaries around you and see if they have them on their menu’s. They were just released last week!

I hope this was helpful!

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