What CBD do you recommend for the equivalent of 500mg of vicodin (chronic skeletal pain)

Since I am a physician because I originally did not trust physicians and I felt the only way to overcome that was to become the doctor I wanted, I have never taken a drug like Vicodin because I do not trust most western drugs and always go for natural, herbal, homeopathic, or nutritional before I would resort to a drug, I can’t give you an exact equivalent but I can tell you that high CBD cannabis oil like AC/DC is excellent for getting rid of even severe pain. Add to that the topical cannabis salve in 1:1 CBD:TCH ratio and you should have close to 100% relief of any pain, even abdominal pain. For muscle skeletal pain, It’s also necessary to be certain your vitamin D level is adequate to provide the healing support for your connective tissue and bones. You must be cautious about taking large doses of vitamin D if you are
pre-surgical because it can increase bleeding and should be stopped at least 48 hours before surgery. If you are trying to get away from Vicodin, Be sure you knows the symptoms of withdrawal because you made me treating those symptoms instead of the actual original pain you were treating. In a situation like that colleen may want to be on the oral CBD for stability and full coverage while attending to the vitamin D


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