The HelloMD Holiday Survival Guide

’Tis the Season…

The holidays are a mix of family, friends, laughter, expectation, warmth, drama, ups and downs and perhaps everything in between. Between all the festivities, gift giving, short days and occasional sickness, there is plenty to be stressed about. Let’s face it, the holidays can act as a breeding ground for anxiety and the blues.

So how can you deal with holiday induced stress and anxiety? I asked some of our staff at HelloMD how they navigate through the holiday season with a modicum of cheer and they’ve offered up some of their favorite product recommendations for bringing the year to a close with a smile on their face.

CBD Gummy Bears

"Nothing eases my anxiety like a high CBD strain, however during the holidays I am not always amongst canna-friendly company. Even a quiet vaporizer puff can be too conspicuous amidst the wrong company, which results in more anxiety than I had in the first place! For this reason, I recommend keeping a few CBD canna-bears around for some discreet and effective anxiety relief."

Ryan – Customer Service

Kiva Terra Bites

"Kiva Terra Bites are always a favorite of mine for tackling anxiety on the go. At 5 mg per serving these bite sized edibles come in two varieties, chocolate covered blueberries and chocolate covered espresso beans. A low dose of THC can serve as the perfect midday pick me up to combat stress and anxiety, and eating a little chocolate only seems to add to that effect. If you’re in need of an energy boost, be sure to go for the espresso bean flavor, as both chocolate and espresso beans contain caffeine."

Chris – Business Associate

Satori Low Dose Edibles

"Satori is a new brand that has yet to hit the shelves of most local dispensaries. These little chocolate love bombs are micro dosed anywhere from 1mg – 10mg. My favorite is to pop in a chocolate covered 3mg strawberry and follow it with 2 pieces of 1mg chocolate raisins every hour or so. Most edibles make me a little sleepy but these morsels put a smile on my face, making me giggly and happy, which is what I need! Satori will be widely available after the first of the year throughout California. Stay tuned, this brand is going to kill it."

Pamela – Co Founder

Flower Power Muscle & Joint Balm

"I don’t leave the house without my Flower Power Muscle & Joint Balm, especially during the busy holiday season. That’s either sad commentary on life after 50, or just strong evidence that I finally found a topical that works! Much like the over-the-counter topical market – for pain – the cannabis one is flooded with products to choose from when looking for something to make pain go away. Flower Power is easy to apply and smells great – thanks to all the essential oils mixed for good measure. Mostly importantly, it just works. Flower Power is available in California.

And for those of you elsewhere in the US looking to stop pain, I also highly recommend Apothecanna’s Extra-Strength Relieving Body Oil. As a bonus, it comes packaged as beautifully as any cannabis product I’ve seen."

Larry – VP of Business Development

Jane’s Brew Coffee & Tea

"When I feel under weather a cannabis infused tea or coffee is what I need to cozy up by the fire. There are a number of these on the market, and availability will vary depending on your area, although I’m particularly fond of the Jane’s Brew chamomile tea.

Coming in a number of THC and CBD versions, be sure to choose which one is right for you. A warm cup of tea with a just the right amount of THC can go the a long way to help you melt the stress away from a long day. For added holiday bonus points, check out on of their infused hot chocolates."

Chris – Business Associate

Om Edibles Lion Balm

"Whether you are sore from the Black Friday brawl, get stuck sleeping on Uncle Craig’s couch, or are just a casualty of stress, the holiday’s pile on the pressure. I can handle the stress, however my back certainly cannot. The catch though, is that in the presence of my family, I would like to avoid discussing the primary ingredient of the balm slopped on my throbbing lumbar.

Om edibles makes a fantastic balm that also comes in a stick form, much like a stick of deodorant. You simply slip the cap off, give it a twist, and slather it on a tightened back and neck. All of this can be done in a discreet motion, without plopping a big tub of “PROP 215 CANNABIS INFUSED” on the holiday table or retreating to the bathroom for a glob of cream."

Ryan – Customer Service


Girl Scout Cookies

"GSC is just the best strain in my opinion. I always have it around in one form or another (the forum cut, thin mint, and platinum varieties are all a treat). This doesn’t have a holiday twist. Anxiety free, 40/60 hybrid, psychedelic when you’re up and sleepy when your down; it is just the best strain for all over stress reduction."

Ryan – Customer Service

Platinum Kush

"Platinum Kush is my go to for stress relief. After hosting Thanksgiving for the first time with my girlfriend for 8 people my stress level was an 8 out of 10. Platinum Kush helps to take the edge off and get me back to a baseline. My preference is to smoke an indica which mellow me out and calm down. Platinum Kush apperently has trace amounts of CBD which relaxes my body and helps take my anxiety down a notch."

Bart – Customer Service

GrandDaddy Purple

"I always have an indica strain on hand, and love them for their deep relaxing effects. I tend to use indicas as a sleep aide as well. Grand Daddy Purple is among my top choices for an indica, but any other purple will do. A higher THC percentage at above 20%, it is fantastic for helping you unwind and get to sleep more quickly."

Chris – Business Associate


"Laughter is certainly the best medicine and Chernobyl, being one of the few strains that gives me the giggles, will be my go to this holiday season. This fantastic sativa dominant delivers an anxiety free head high that creeps into the dreamy glow of euphoria and intermittent giggles. Perfect for those "extended family” dinners and those who feel they are in need of a good chuckle."

Ryan – Customer Service

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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