What dosage for headaches?

"Hi, I recently got my recommendation and was told to try a blend for my headaches. With so many options out there, can you give me an idea of what I should start with? 10:1? 4:1? I would like a high CBD for during the day, so I can continue to work, etc. would love to know what you recommend."

Please, review the articles about cannabis use for migraines answered previously. High dose CBD cannabis should give you relief and you can use an 10:1 or higher, that is CBD: THC and you will not be high so you can do that during the day. After work you may want to try a 4:1 spray since it’s very effective for pain but you would notice a high. Consider staying away from high-dose THC when you are in pain because it has the potential for increasing your pain. Also make sure you are well hydrated with water and a little caffeine may help.


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