what products are helpful for anxiety?

Other answers may suggest various strains or specific products, but in searching for what is helpful I suggest keeping in mind:

  1. Cannabis is like many other substances whose effects may change significantly with changes in dose. Something calming at one dose can even become too stimulating at a higher dose. This means it’s a good idea to began with small amounts because when seeking reduction of anxiety that may be all that is needed.
  2. It has been well demonstrated that the ratio of CBD:THC in the preparation can be significant in determining the character of cannabis effects, and patients seeking to reduce anxiety often favor medicinal cannabis preparations with at least as much CBD as THC, often with ratios of 4:1 or even higher. If you are not familiar with what THC and CBD are I suggest starting with https://www.hellomd.com/articles/cannabis-101-your-quick-guide-to-medical-marijuana There is no science to tell you the exact ratio or dose will provide the effects you are seeking. You have to do a little cautious experimentation. Many patients find it necessary to try a few preparations before finding what is best for their symptoms.


Medical Marijuana can be very helpful at reducing anxiety for many patients but you have to be mindful of which products you choose. THC has been shown to increase anxiety in some patients due to its psychoactive effect on the body. On the other hand, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety. Therefore I would avoid products high in THC and go for products higher in CBD. Please see the following article as it has some great information on top products for treating anxiety.


Hello, We produce a super high CBD tincture with very little THC which would be a good fit for people with anxiety issues. It is in tincture form, so dosing is easy and consistent.


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