What sort of testing goes into your products to make sure that they get the desired affects?

"I’m just curious to learn about how your different products are tested. Do you do trials or is it done by employees? Thanks! "

When we set out to create our product line, we developed dozens of different potential formulas based on the effects we wanted to provide. Our logic was that by using targeted blends of terpenes in the form of essential oils combined with cannabinoids we’d be able to fully direct the psychoactive experience. We did testing with several different groups of potential patients to verify our hypothesis, and found the results to be in line with our expectations. We honed in on our final blends based on a combination of effect and flavor profile, and since we launched over a year ago the patient response to the effects of each pen has been exactly what we had hoped for. As we continue to grow, it is our goal to do more rigorous clinical trials to further confirm our findings.


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