What's a good starter edible or tincture for chronic pain (foot) with reduced headiness.

" I simply want something for the pain?"

Personally I would recommend starting out with a tincture because it’s generally easier to control your dose with tinctures versus edibles. If you’re not sure yet how medical cannabis will effect you, it’s best to start with small controlled doses that can be increased incrementally. A balanced ratio of THC and CBD typically seems to provide the most pain relief with less of a ‘high’ feeling. The two cannabinoids work together to provide pain relief, while the CBD actually lessens the ‘headiness’ of the THC high.

For example, at Sessions we carry the ONE CBD Balance tincture — https://sessionscc.com/shop/cbd-one-tinctures/

You could also try to the full CBD tincture, but anecdotally I’ve found most people seem to need the synergy of THC and CBD working together to maximize pain relief.

Good luck!


For various types of chronic pain (fibromyalgia, arthritis and RA) my go-to medication is Nternal Oral Elixir by Making You Better Brands. Just this damp and chilly morning as I drank my coffee, a widespread ache began to “pour” into my limbs. I took one sub-lingual pump of the oil, amounting to 1/4 of a dose (1/4 ml) and sat back. A second surge of pain and a second pump of oil and within minutes I was pain free. I consider it a miracle in my daily life. Nternal features The Micro Dose – a full-spectrum, low-dose Cannabinoid profile that promotes homeostasis – internal system balance. At this dosage level, I’m not experiencing any "headiness."

I began using the oil a few years ago and the boiling, exploding pain of RA in my hands is now a thing of the past, along with the red knuckles and gnarly joints. It no longer hurts to write! Best of all, within 30 days of using Nternal, I was off Vicodin and Xanax, which I’d been taking for a year or more. It’s been over two years now and I’m still off opiates.

I would also recommend Xternal Soak – a Cannabis infused Epsom salt soak for immediate relief from foot (and all-over body) pain. Our Spray and Balm would also provide immediate (and affordable) relief. Xternal topicals are non-activated and therefore non-psychoactive. Pain relief with zero headiness.

Full disclosure, I’m now part of the company, holding down the Sports Desk and fielding questions about our products. The reason I have no hesitation in recommending Nternal and Xternal is because they worked for me like nothing else.


You’ll want an edible or tincture that is high in CBD but low in THC. CBD has all the medical benifits of THC without the psychoactive qualities. We have a number of products that would be perfect for this: Medi-Roons Lemon Pie (CBD), Medi-Roons Brownie (CBD), and Forest Nymph Pain Relief Tincture. These will all be great places to start and after gauging your reaction to them you can fine tune from there. You can find these items along with all our other products in our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


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