Where do you apply the cream for migraines?

I have migraines and have written extensively about using cannabis to combat migraines. In my experience, topicals can help a little bit but the real win is using cannabis as a preventative to stop them before they come.

To answer your question though, topicals should be applied to the temples and around the base of the cranium and around the neck and shoulders. It will provide localized relief and decrease tension, if you are lucky.

in my experience, a regime of CBD on a daily basis has stopped my migraines in addition to dietary changes and taking vitamin B and Magnesium every day. I will post a link below on my experience.

When I experience a migraine I take a high CBD vape pen, my favorite is Electra Tsu by Bloom Farms and vape that until the scute pain is gone.

I am not a doctor and this represents my experience and opinion only. I hope this helps!


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