what's the best strain and delivery method to avoid paranoia/fear caused by cannabis?

"sometimes when I smoke, I experience paranoia/fear, and I’m wondering if there are particular recommendations to avoid that?"

Interesting the paranoia what is a huge problem that was greatly reduced when Cannabis became legal but many people still deal with paranoia when they’re using cannabis and it’s very uncomfortable. Typically both Indica and Sativa have paranoia listed as side effects. What are you trying to achieve with your Cannabis? Is it recreational or do you have a medical purpose and using cannabis?
You might actually like Full flower CBD…. It’s not going to give you the high but you should feel really well and calm. If you prefer to vape oil there are high quality, pure CBD oils you could try.
There’s also a nice app, Leafly… It will give you the typical characteristics of most all cannabis so you can always look for a strain that will give you what you need but exclude the paranoia.
Check it out… I think you will be happy you did….. Because you can enjoy your cannabis without paranoia and the delivery method is your choice.


I would recommend using low ratio CBD strains as CBD has been know to have anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety properties. You can also browse cannabis blogs like Leafly, where they lists the most common traits of strains. I always do a quick google search of a strain before I try it. I usually keep some AC/DC on hand and if I am ever feeling uncomfortable or a little off, this goes a long way to combat feelings of anxiety and paranoia.


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