Where do I download my recommendation?

If you are logged into the HelloMD website on a tablet or computer you should see your name in the upper right corner; click on the arrow and a dropdown menu will appear and one of the options will be ‘medical case’. If you are on a phone and using our mobile site, the menu appears as three white lines; tap on it and ‘medical case’ will appear. It should be noted that if you are using the live chat feature (small bubble at bottom of screen) to chat with customer service, you may need to close it temporarily as it may cover your view of the menu. Finally, if you are using the HelloMD iPhone app on your iPad or iPhone, simply tap ‘medical’ while logged in, and you will be able to view the doctor’s notes and your PDF.


After your evaluation, if you are approved, you will be sent the pdf file for you to download and can print on your printer. You will also be send the embossed recommendation within a few days to the address that you already supplied.

Perry Solomon, MD

The recommendation is sent to you as a PDF attached to your e-mail@hellomd.com. Your papers will be sent out on Monday and should arrive at your location by mail, however long it takes the mail to come from San Francisco to your location. The only thing required for you to do if you want to use your recommendation today is to sign in and print your PDF, but do call the local dispensary you want to use to see if they know who we are and they typically will let you win today, if not, use one of our partner services listed on the website.


Did you sign in again at HelloMD.com where you pick up your PDF from your email? Your PDF should be there waiting for you. If you sign in and your PDF is not there, pease, contact the office. Sometimes the PDF may have been saved but not sent and the office can then notify the doctor and your PDF should be sent.


Just message someone from the staff, they have a chat and they will send you a new copy of both. I just went through this.


If you had your consultation today, your card will be mailed out but if you were approved, you will have a PDF attachment in your email at HelloMD.com that you can print or download into your smart phone and use to get into a CA dispensary today.


Some dispensaries will accept the PDF file without the embossed stamp if you print it out while others will want the embossed stamp that arrives in the mail about 3-5 business days after approval. There is no law that requires the embossed stamp- that is a requirement of the individual dispensary that they have created themselves.


If you are uncertain about the next steps, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives here on HelloMD. They will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.


Did you do your recommendation with HelloMd? if so, the support staff may be able to send you another copy. If not, then contact the place that did give it to you and request a copy.


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