Which type of Cannabis and what formulation are good for moderate to severe neuropathic pain?

"Sciatic nerve (specifically, L5 and S1 nerves) is damaged due to cancer treatment (cryoablation) causing moderate to severe neuropathic pain in the foot, specifically in the first 2 toes. What is the recommendation for a topical cannabis and oral tincture?"

HI there! This question comes up a lot in the HelloMD Community. Here are some previously answered questions that you can check out:

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All the medical literature and studies using cannabis to help w/ various neuropathy conditions used THC as the cannabinoid as choice. I have also seen this in anecdotal evidence as well. However, given Dr. Olsen’s experience with CBD products as well as a receptor phenomenon known as the "entourage effect" I might also recommend trying a tincture or topical agent that has a healthy dose of both THC and CBD, perhaps in a 1:1 ratio. The patient can then experiment w/ other THC/ CBD ratios or even try products that are only THC or only CBD. I hope this helps!


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