Why do people vape instead of smoke marijuana?

"or other methods of ingestion"

Vaping is great alternative to smoking because it does not combust your material. Combustion is the process when carcinogens and tar are released. With vaporization, you slowly heat the flower or oil to a specific temperature where the cannabinoids go from a solid to a gas. By inhaling vapor, you will reduce a lot of damage that smoking cannabis can do to your lungs. Vaping also has a rapid on set so it has similar properties to smoking minus the tar and carcinogens.


if you smoke every day you end up having the sore throat from the hot smoke. with this, you get smooth cooler vapor no burn.

the best feature is how good it tastes, you know how your bud smells well through a good vape it taste like that. once you get used to vaping trying to smoke will taste terrible, like burnt ash.

you vape the same material over and over again, till you use up all the active chemiclas, so you use less than smoking
so ya taste better and not as harsh, and you use less.


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