Will cannabis help relieve back pain?

Absolutely! I am staring at two of the topicals I have mentioned on my desk right now. Each of the topicals I have mentioned have helped my back. I make a point to not write about things if I have not tried them personally and if I did not find them effective for my own pain.


Using cannabis to relieve back pain is one of the more common ways people make medicinal use of the plant. Relieving back pain that has become chronic is a different and more difficult problem than treating acute pain after injury or surgery. Opioids and other drugs helpful for acute pain can turn out to be a bigger problem than the pain itself when people try to use them to relieve back pain that has become chronic. This is because you quickly build tolerance to the effects, so more and more is required for relief, a process that often ends badly with dependence. Cannabis does not act in this way, and once a person is used to it the same general amount can be used indefinitely. Because the mind and emotions are so much involved in the way we experience chronic pain, relieving back pain that has become chronic requires attention to moderating mood, calming anxiety, and changing outlook. These are important ways medicinal cannabis can help reduce discomfort in chronic back pain. Finding a preparation helpful for their symptoms often requires that patients do some cautious experimentation with different varieties of cannabis and cannabis preparations containing various ratios of CBD:THC. I suggest reviewing the cannabis 101 article on the HelloMD website (https://www.hellomd.com/articles/cannabis-101-your-quick-guide-to-medical-marijuana) as an aid to discovering which cannabis preparations might be helpful and appropriate for your back pain.


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