Amnesia Haze

20–25% THC 1% CBD

If you’re looking for an energizing cannabis strain to help you run errands or give you the gift of gab, you may want to try Amnesia Haze—if you can find it. This sativa strain is prevalent in Europe, but can be hard to track down in the States.

Amnesia Haze is a popular marijuana strain that’s made a name for itself in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Born from a mix of Haze and various landrace cannabis strains from Jamaica, South Asia, Hawaii, Afghanistan and Cambodia, Amnesia Haze is truly a beauty of mixed heritage.

You can expect a citrusy, lemony smell with earthy undertones from Amnesia Haze flower. This marijuana strain is a rare find in the United States due to its long flowering time and the meticulous care it requires, so if you happen to stumble upon this Cannabis Cup winner at your local dispensary, be sure to snatch it up quickly.

Amnesia Haze has energizing sativa effects that are rounded out nicely by its Afghani (read: indica) genetics. This blend makes it well-suited for activities that require both cerebral and physical exertion like going on a hike or having sex.

While this marijuana strain can be a good fit for daytime activities or social situations, large doses of Amnesia Haze can cause the user’s thought process to be a bit haphazard. Consumers describe hyper focus but also the tendency to jump from one thought to another. Those who are sensitive to THC or who tend to not do well with sativas might want to skip this strain altogether.

Medical marijuana patients who are looking for a strain to help them conquer stress and fatigue may want to give Amnesia Haze a try. This cannabis strain can be uplifting with little to no debilitating effects, if used properly.

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