18–28% THC <1% CBD

Indica-dominant hybrid hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) has widespread appeal in the cannabis community, attracting consumers with its strong euphoric buzz and pain-relieving properties.

Combining the euphoric, cerebral high of Durban Poison and the intense body melt of OG Kush, GSC is a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis world. Born in the the San Francisco Bay Area and made popular by Wiz Khalifa and San Francisco rapper Berner, this marijuana strain has skyrocketed to international renown. Its popularity has spawned a number of varieties with GSC roots, including Thin Mint, Platinum and Animal Cookies.

Those that dislike skunky or cheesy-smelling cannabis strains will delight in GSC’s trademark taste and smell. Consumers report an earthy, yet minty aroma that evokes opening a box of Thin Mints, while the flavor is sweet and spicy with hints of nutmeg. This strain also has major shelf appeal with striking orange hairs and deep purple hues that remind us of its kush heritage.

With a long-lasting high, trippy cerebral effects and sedating nature, save this indica-dominant hybrid for a day (or night) when chilling out is your main objective. The high THC content of this strain (18–28% THC) means that newcomers to cannabis or those with a low tolerance should practice caution. For consumers who can handle GSC’s heavy-hitting properties, expect the classic cannabis experience: uncontrollable laughter, euphoria, munchies and deep body relaxation that can put you to sleep.

A blend of the best sativa and indica characteristics and well known for its versatility, GSC is a favorite of the medical marijuana community. Its body-numbing effects are a great option for those seeking relief from nausea or many types of pain. GSC’s uplifting tendencies can also help those with mood disorders like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The high resin content of this cannabis strain means that it’s available for consumption in forms other than flower, including extracts and tinctures.

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