High CBD


≤6% THC 6–17% CBD

Cannatonic is a high-CBD cannabis strain that’s a favorite in the medical marijuana community due to its uplifting characteristics, applicable to a wide array of symptoms.

A cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze, Cannatonic is a high-CBD hybrid created by Spanish company Resin Seeds. Originally bred to have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, some plants may have a CBD content as high as 17% with a THC content that rarely crosses 6%. One of the easiest high CBD strains to find, Cannatonic is popular among medical marijuana patients.

Cannatonic tends to be slightly sativa-dominant. Consumers report warm, tingly sensations that wash over the body along with gentle cerebral stimulation—the degree to which this is felt is largely dependent on the amount of THC in a particular bud; generally, the higher the THC content, the more likely you are to experience this marijuana strain’s subtle euphoric effects.

Cannatonic has few recreational applications; rather, it’s a good tool for those trying to focus on a project or meet deadlines. Overall, this strain makes consumers feel relaxed and uplifted without debilitating them in any way.

One of the premier medical marijuana strains around, patients love Cannatonic for its mellow nature and versatility. With positive effects on demeanor and cognition, Cannatonic is a good option for those with mood disorders and muscle spasms. Its energizing qualities also make it a good daytime medicine for patients with chronic pain and migraines.

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