Cat Piss

11–18% THC <1% CBD

Chuckle all you want at its name; Cat Piss’s sativa sensibilties are no joke. With a buzzy cerebral high that’s akin to an espresso shot, Cat Piss will have you up and running errands in no time.

No, you haven’t misread anything—this cannabis strain really does go by the name Cat Piss. Said to originate from Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss has a strong sativa nature like its parent.

Aptly yet unfortunately named, Cat Piss is said to reek of ammonia, although some consumers say that reports of this marijuana strain’s stench tend to be over-exaggerated. Those with a more developed nose may be able to pick up a bit of pine and sweetness in Cat Piss flower. Consumers who can get over this marijuana strain’s odor can expect a distinct sour taste with hints of spice.

True to its parent strain, Cat Piss imparts buzzy, cerebral effects that are a good fit for daytime use. If you need a boost in the morning, Cat Piss’s upbeat, euphoric qualities are a good fit for your needs. While this strain does have some minor physical effects, Cat Piss is mostly all in your head. Due to its strong mental qualities, those who are prone to cannabis-induced anxiety should practice caution with this marijuana strain.

Medical marijuana consumers can benefit from this strain’s uplifting nature, which is a good fit for conditions like chronic stress and depression. Cat Piss is also said to bring about a strong case of the munchies, making it a good choice for those needing an appetite boost.

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