High CBD

CBD Shark

8–10% THC 8–10% CBD

Delivering equal amounts of THC and CBD, CBD Shark is an aromatic cannabis strain that will help alleviate a range of symptoms without overly intoxicating effects.

Although its exact lineage has remained a secret kept close to the original breeders, we do know that it is an indica-dominant strain crossed with Shark Shock and a mystery high-CBD cannabis strain. While THC and CBD percentages vary, CBD Shark averages about 8–10% in both cannabinoids.

Its flowers display indica characteristics: conical and fluffy, and its buds are dark green with orange hairs and sticky trichomes. The scent of CBD Shark’s flowers usually have subtle notes of garlic and herb, but its penetrating fragrance is sweet and earthy. In terms of flavor, CBD Shark tends to have a fruity aftertaste.

This variety provides a relaxed and well-balanced high. Because this marijuana strain provides an equal ratio of CBD and THC, its effects are subtle, which novice consumers will appreciate. Even though the onset is gradual, there are mild cerebral effects that can segway into a restful sleep.

This is an ideal strain for medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, stress or muscle spasms. Minimal psychoactive effects make it a great choice for patients that need relief but who also still have work to get done. This cannabis strain’s high-CBD content provides medical benefits, without too much psychoactivity, though it can induce the munchies.

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